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SAP FIORI is an ever-expanding apps collection, provided by SAP for coping with numerous tasks in the SAP system. With their advanced design, FIORI Apps emphasize user-friendliness and high productivity.

The FIORI interface is also in the process of becoming the new SAP standard interface. That way, regardless of their technological basis, all SAP programs share the same advanced Look&Feel facilitating your employees’ introduction to new SAP programs.

Your employees can launch SAP FIORI on any browser and thanks to responsive design (adapting to the output device) also use it efficiently on their smartphone or tablet. That way they can complete tasks from anywhere and anytime.

The apps’ user-friendly design and the easy access to FIORI will speed up your processes and as a result, directly reduce your costs.

As entry point to SAP FIORI apps, each employee needs the FIORI launchpad, where all the apps an employee needs are clearly arranged. It allows you to launch any app and complete your tasks with a few clicks.

A few examples from the ever-expanding FIORI apps collection in SAP HCM:

  • Apply for and approve absences
  • Record, manage and release working times
  • View team schedule
  • Submit and approve travel requests
  • Record travel expenses
  • View employee data and teams
  • View and manage compensation plans
  • View remuneration statements

Apart from the FIORI apps provided by SAP, you also have the option of adapting existing apps to your needs or developing completely new apps fitting your individual requirements.

Our consultants at HCM ADVICE are happy to plan and implement a SAP FIORI apps project for you and/or develop customized apps fitting your specific requirements.


With SAP Employee Self Services (ESS) and Manager Self Services (MSS), your employees can perform numerous HR management processes on their own, significantly unburdening your HR department. SAP ESS/MSS are web-based technologies, allowing our employees and managers to access the offered services from anywhere.

Employee Self Services focuses on activities that every employee can do, while the Manager Self Services focus on manager activities.

SAP Employee Self Services and Manager Self Services offer your company many possibilities to unburden your HR department. You can choose the options most suitable for your company and make them available to your managers and employees.

As an alternative to the traditional ESS/MSS applications, SAP offers the SAP FIORI-based apps. Like ESS/MSS, these apps allow you to delegate a wide range of activities to your employees and managers. Thanks to their advanced design, they are extremely user-friendly and available on all devices. There is also the option to combine FIORI and ESS/MSS, by integrating the FIORI apps into the Employee Self Services and getting the best out of both technologies.

With SAP HR Renewal, the Self Service applications get a new, attractive user interface, thereby becoming more user-friendly and less prone to error.

We would like to show you in detail what options you have when integrating the various SAP components and what activities you can make available to your employees.

  • If your employees are authorized, they can use ESS and MSS to view their personal data (for example address, bank details, or communications data) and perform updates, which your managers can then approve or discard.
  • Combined with HR Time Management, ESS/MSS allows your employees to record working times online, submit leave requests and get an overview of working times and absence quotas. Your managers can either approve or deny the leave requests and also view team absences and attendances.
  • In Payroll and Compensation Management, there is an option to display employees’ salary statements directly online and let your employees select their individual compensation plan from those available.
  • SAP Event Management, where employees can sign up for events, and SAP Learning Solution, where they can access learning materials directly online, can also be integrated with ESS/MSS. The relevant manager can check these registrations and if necessary, reject or change them.
  • Integrating the SAP E-Recruiting solution with the Self Services offers your employees an internal job portal, where they can directly apply for open positions. Managers can both manage the job postings and contact candidates.
  • Shift Planning tasks can also be integrated with ESS/MSS. Employees can list their preferred working times which are then made available to the relevant manager for planning purposes. After the planning of working times, employees get to view the final schedule.
  • Travel Management can also be integrated with ESS/MSS, allowing your employees to directly request trips, manage travel budgets and process travel expense records.

Far from complete, this list of ESS & MSS functions gives you only a few examples of the many options you can make available to your employees by using ESS & MSS.

Regarding modules that are integrated with ESS/MSS, you can also make reporting options available to your managers.



HR Renewal is a web-based technology providing an advanced, user-friendly interface for Employee Self Services, Manager Self Services and personnel administrators.

On the homepage, your employees can view the most important information, such as available vacation time or working times; they can intuitively create new requests and view documents.

On the homepage, your managers also get an overview of relevant data and can perform different processes, such as approving employee requests.

While the functions available to managers and employees are already familiar from Self Services, and are just getting a new look, HR Renewal presents more comprehensive modernizations for personnel administrators.

With SAP HR Renewal, numerous tasks that used to be performed in the traditional SAP GUI, can now be processed in web-based, user-friendly interface. For example, data that used to be accessible only via different infotypes, can now be clearly arranged in a single interface.

The available functions can be used by and in relation to all kinds of employees via the SAP Authorization Concept. In addition, users can further personalize the interfaces, adapting them to their work methods.



SAP Screen Personas is a technology developed by SAP which allows you to customize and enhance SAP GUI interfaces, thereby optimizing user-friendliness. Optimizing the interfaces can also help make SAP more accepted in your company, reduce employee training costs and lower error rates.

Using Drag & Drop, you can create and change interfaces as well as adapt them to your requirements. You can change both the home page and any transaction, including customer transactions, thus minimizing the entries required.

SAP Screen Personas adaptations can only be performed for SAP WebGUI but not for the locally installed SAP GUI.

In contrast to SAP FIORI, SAP Screen Personas focuses on customizing and personalizing PC. Allowing for the optimization of customer-defined programs as well, this technology also works for very specific transactions.


The Managers Desktop tool provides your managers with relevant analyses and approval processes. While Managers Desktop is similar to Manager Self Services in scope, it cannot be called up via a browser but only directly in SAP and is more limited than MSS, at least in some areas. Compared to Manager Self Services, Managers Desktop puts more emphasis on analyses, which can be performed more dynamically.

Managers Desktop is building on the Organization Structure in SAP Organizational Management, showing managers their employees and teams. Within their organizational units, managers can modify the Organization Structure and perform different analyses.

Managers can also launch personnel capacity planning, view reports and, via the integration with Compensation Management, assign raises and bonuses to employees.

On the Managers Desktop, managers can view candidates who apply for positions in their organizational units, invite them to job interviews and hire them.

Manager Self Services and SAP FIORI apps are advanced alternatives to Managers Desktop, offering the same functionalities in a web-based version that can be used anywhere.

We at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with expanding your Managers Desktop or switching to advanced SAP Self Service offers, such as MSS or FIORI apps.


With SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe you have the option to process form-based business transactions directly in your browser. Using software from Adobe that has been integrated into the SAP environment, you can provide your employees with forms that can be filled out online, read automatically and forwarded to the SAP system. To that purpose, you can integrate Interactive Forms into your SAP Manager Self Services portal, so your employees can access them from anywhere.

Interactive Forms also supports you with creating the forms, allowing you to create dynamic forms by enriching templates with data from the SAP system and using them directly.

With SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, it is also possible to digitally sign the forms filled out online and thus conclude legally valid contracts.



EMPLOYEE INTERACTION CENTER is a call center app, allowing your employees or the HR department to access the most current HR master data and to record all details pertaining to the phone call.

Using different communication channels, such as phone, mail, chat or a web form, your employees can contact the Employee Interaction Center anytime to ask questions, start HR processes such as master data updates or get help with more complex HR requests. Employee Interaction Center staff will answer these questions according to definable Service Level Agreements (SLAs), thus widening the range of services available to your employees. This can be necessary if your employee cannot access the relevant data via Self Services or needs further assistance. That way, the Employee Interaction Center complements the Employee and Manager Self Services and can also be directly integrated with them.

With our long experience, we at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with planning and implementing your Employee Interaction Centers to ensure a successful launch.