Cloud Workforce Process

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Employee Profile

Employee Profile is a limited variant of Employee Central, which comes with every SuccessFactors installation regardless of the licensed model.

Employee Profile is the data base for all SuccessFactors modules. It offers you basic management options and self-service functions regarding your HR master data in the cloud. Data that is stored in the employee profile can be displayed and changed via different authorization roles.

In addition to the standard fields in Employee Profile you have the option to define up to 15 additional fields according to your needs.

Apart from the Master Data Management, Employee Profile also offers you a simple organizational chart and an employee directory, which you can make available to your employees via the web and mobile apps.


Employee Central

Employee Central presents you with a state-of-the-art HR management solution in the cloud, which supports you with comprehensive employee data management, approval workflows, self service functions and many more, to increase your HR department’s efficiency significantly.

With Employee Central, your personnel administrators can easily digitalize documents as well as generate documents directly from the system, achieving a high degree of digitalization in your HR department.

Employee Central offers numerous country-specific functionalities. Using Employee Central, you can manage all HR master data in a central location, thereby avoiding double data storage and the resulting extra costs. With its many integration options, Employee Central serves both as a data base for the SAP OnPremise module and for ERP and HR systems from other providers. That way all your investments keep their value.

Employee Central’s intuitive user interface is especially impressive, reducing error rates and significantly raising acceptability among both power users and occasional users.

In Employee Central, all data from the different SuccessFactors modules, such as compensation data from Compensation or the degree of target achievement from Performance & Goals as well as all other talent-related data is gathered in a central location, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your employees. That way you gain more insight into your employees’ potential and can make better decisions, which ultimately positively affects company success.

Employee Central offers you numerous pre-defined reports, including more than 2000 KPIs, benchmarking as well as trend and drill-down analyses. To get even more meaningful analyses, you can combine and analyze the HR data with data from the FI and other areas.

Like all other SuccessFactors modules, Employee Central is available via both the browser and the SuccessFactors app for smartphones. That way your employees and managers can access SuccessFactors from anywhere, anytime.

Employee Central Payroll

With Employee Central Payroll, SAP offers the globally proven SAP Payroll as software-as-a-service in the cloud. SAP combines the reliability of the most well-known payroll solution with the user-friendliness of a cloud solution, thus offering customers the best of both worlds.

It allows you to do your payroll in more than 40 different countries, in accordance with local regulations and laws.

Customers with Payroll in SAP OnPremise will profit from their employees’ experience with the on premise Payroll module, even after switching to a cloud-based environment.

Another way to take advantage of the advanced interface in Employee Central Payroll, is implementing the Payroll Control Center in your company. That way it is possible to manage your existing on-premise SAP HCM Payroll via an intuitive web interface while account data is being processed on your serves in the background. It is also possible to link your existing on-premise Payroll solution with Employee Central so that master data can be managed in SuccessFactors while accounting is still managed on your local servers.

We at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with creating and implementing your Payroll in the cloud to find the optimal solution for your company.

Employee Central Service Center

SAP Employee Central Service Center is an advanced tool for your internal HR Shared Service Center. It serves as the central point of contact for all employees with HR-related questions. Employees can access the Service Center from anywhere in SuccessFactors. It offers contextually prepared information to answer most questions by resorting directly to your company’s knowledge base.

If your employees don’t find the answer in the Service Center’s knowledge base, they can create tickets which are then forwarded to the relevant department. Employees can trace their tickets and are notified as soon as their ticket’s status has changed.

Through the Service Center your employees can also start a chat with a personnel administrator to get informal help.

For HR service representatives the Employee Central Service Center provides extensive functions for solving tickets efficiently and quickly, such as an overview of similar ticket in the system, numerous, mail templates and checklists, ensuring that an employee is getting the level of support needed.

The Employee Central Service Center features an intuitive user interface, making it as easy as possible for your employees to contact the relevant specialist department and thus promoting employee satisfaction.

Workforce Planning

SuccessFactors Workforce Planning provides you with the tools for optimizing your HR planning on the basis of your business planning. That way you can counter mid- and long-term talent shortages as well as overcapacities in your company.

Workforce Planning allows you to simulate “what if” scenarios in order to better assess the operative and financial consequences of your decisions. Based on these analyses, you can make faster, sounder and more efficient decisions in the future.

You optimize your short- and long-term HR planning, by, for example, preparing your company for an expansion, retirements or sales fluctuations, and make important decisions about training needs and employee development. Workforce Planning identifies possible future quality gaps early and enables you to react in time by training your employees or hiring new employees.

In addition to SuccessFactors, SAP on-premise systems and many other ERP or HR systems can be integrated with Workforce Planning.