Cloud Talent Management

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SuccessFactors Recruiting provides your company with a tool which optimally supports all steps in the recruiting process. You can create requirement profiles for open positions, structure the application process accordingly, create actual job offers and post them directly from SuccessFactors to job platforms, get your applications from different sources (social media, staff consultants, online-applications, …) and manage job interviews with your integrated outlook calendar.

SuccessFactors Recruiting offers more than just application management, using its patented methodology to sure that you reach the right candidate at the right time and with the right message. That way you build long-term relationships with interesting candidates and can always resort to an applicant pool to fill open positions.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the integrated marketing platform allows for employer branding to attract talented candidates to your company.  That way you also capture the interest of passive candidates and attract them to your company and can plan extensive recruitment campaigns to attract new talents.

Using comprehensive assessments, you can at all times monitor which channels and strategies yield the best results and thus optimally use your recruiting budget.


In the modern working world, staff retention and the planning of efficient staff assignments start before the actual hiring. It is crucial to integrate new employees into your company, already before and of course after they are hired. The SuccessFactors module Onboarding supports you in this process, providing you with all the tools necessary to reach your goal.

SuccessFactors Onboarding allows you to implement an ongoing onboarding process, including your HR department, the managers in charge and the new employee. Already before starting work, your new employee can access relevant information and establish contact with your company’s key figures. That way a major part of the formalities and the paperwork can be completed before the new employee starts work and he/she can introduce him/herself to his/her colleagues, which makes the whole process of joining a new company easier. When starting work, all necessary tools are already available for the employee having attended many onboarding workshops and his/her enrollment plan (possible integrated with SuccessFactors Learning) has already been determined.

This results in more productive employees that can get started quickly and identify with company goals (possible integrated with Performance & Goals). Using SF Onboarding, you can avoid employees’ suddenly changing their minds, shortly before or after they start work. In addition, rapid deployment of new staff saves you a lot of money.


SuccessFactors Learning allows you to continue to train your employees and manage all trainings in one central location. You can create online trainings, face-to-face trainings or blended learning trainings and offer them in the online catalogs.

After a training, you have the option of administering tests. If they pass, employees can directly print their certificates. Training participants get to fill out evaluations, providing you with a good overview of your trainings so that you can quickly see what needs to change or be improved.

Using curricula and programs you create more comprehensive trainings, assigning them to your employees to make them familiar with more complex topics.

Using their own interfaces trainers can keep attendance in their courses and also make comments about individual participants.

Managers can assign necessary courses to their employees and can view and also evaluate training data.

Besides your employees, you can also add external users, such as your customers or partners, to SuccessFactors Learning and have them attend special trainings (for new products, uses of marketing materials, etc.).

If you are using Performance & Goals or Career & Development, you can create an interface between your employees’ defined development goals and trainings in SuccessFactors Learning.

If you are also using SAP JAM, you company will get a high added value as JAM allow us to support social learning. Course participants get invited to specific JAM groups, where they can talk about the course and get extra materials.

With SAP Learning Marketplace, SAP combines the features of SuccessFactors Learning and Hybris, its leading e-commerce platform, and thus allows you to offer your trainings through a web shop. That way you can make product or safety trainings available to your customers and partners and also by selling trainings, increase company sales. Using SAP Hybris, SAP Learning Marketplace supports all standard methods of payment and also allows for the management of discounts and vouchers.

Partner: Bookboon

Our partner Bookboon, the leading ebook provider in education and training, offers a comprehensive ebook library, which you can make available to your employees in SuccessFactors, integrated with other HR platforms or as a stand-alone solution. Bookboon’s online library gives you access to over 700 high-quality books, which your employees can easily access, read and apply to strengthen their soft skills. Thanks to the library’s intuitive usability, it has a utilization rate of over 40%.

If you would like to learn more about Bookboon and how it can be integrated with your talent management system, please contact us or see our flyer for more information:

Performance & Goals

SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps you make your company a success. This happens by increasing your employees’ commitment, productivity and efficiency.

SuccessFactors allows you to align your employees’ goals with those of your company and to create a culture that encourages on-going and objective evaluations.

SuccessFactors Goal Management supports you in defining company goals and cascading them to individual employees. That way employees get a better understanding of how their work affects the company as a whole. As a result they identify with the company more strongly, which directly affects their motivation.

For defining their goals, managers can resort to a comprehensive goal library created according to SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Managers can create their own goals as well, supported by the SMART wizard to make sure they fulfill all SMART criteria.

Monitoring your goals via dashboards and evaluations allows you to take timely measures if goal achievement is jeopardized.

You can create interfaces between defined goals and trainings in SuccessFactors Learning to support your employees in achieving their goals.

SuccessFactors Performance Management provides you with modern tools for ongoing evaluation. Ongoing feedback lets your employees know where they stand and how they can improve.

Meetings with employees are supported by workflows with the people involved submitting evaluations. Scheduling and having personal meetings is also supported by Performance & Goals. This happens via prepared text modules, an immediate scan checking the suitability of your own texts and an easy user interface allowing you to make entries directly into the system while the meeting is still going on.

To avoid inconsistencies when it comes to different superiors’ evaluations, Performance & Goals provides an effective calibration tool allowing you to compare different evaluations and make them more objective. Via different matrices, you can view your employees’ classification into low and high performers and determine both the likelihood of resignations and their effects.

If you are also using Compensation Management, you can make premium payments conditional on goal achievement, promoting a success-oriented corporate culture.

360-Degree Feedback

360-degree-feedback is a valuable complement to traditional feedback processes via personal meetings. While traditional feedback processes often only reflect the views of the employee’s direct manager, 360-degree-feedback involves everyone who is in contact with the employee being evaluated. This includes superiors and colleagues but also suppliers, partners and customers.

These different perspectives can give you and your employees a better more comprehensive view, which can then be used for defining goals and creating trainings.

Compensation management

In nearly all companies employee salaries are major cost items. Using SuccessFactors Compensation Management you ensure that these expenses optimally affect your company.

Compensation Management allows you to pay your employees according to their performance motivating everyone to give their best. Via an intuitive user interface, you manage your employees’ basic salary including all variable salary components and implement various payment variations such as bonuses and share packages.

Through an integrated testing device, the system ensures that you can view your costs at all times and comply with your compensation budget.

You can adapt employees’ payments to goal achievement in Performance & Goals and use various tools, visuals and comparisons to make objective and fact-based decisions about variable salary components.

Ongoing bonus models can be adapted to company success facilitating accessible bonus reports for your managers and employees. That way calculations get easier for everyone involved.

Basic salary raises can be automatically calculated and shared workflowbased in relation to various factors such as performance evaluation, awards, rank or wage group.

Via standardized interfaces this data can be automatically integrated into your payroll accounting system (SAP HCM Payroll, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll) or the accounting systems of other providers.

Career & Development Planning

Your company’s greatest talents will always strive to advance their careers. Via SuccessFactors Career Planning you can encourage your employees to realize their full potential, displaying career paths they could take.

Based on their competencies employees can determine suitable positions and figure out which competencies they still need to develop for the next step in their career.

You create development goals for your employees integrating company needs and employee preferences to ensure optimal further development. Apart from the goals they co-defined with their manager, employees can also set their own goals, supposed to facilitate employees’ reaching their overall career goals. The defined goals can be linked to courses in SuccessFactors Learning so that your employees can take concrete steps towards reaching their goals.

Succession management

Due to demographic changes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have employees with the right qualifications available at the right moment. SuccessFactors Succession Management supports you in promoting and developing employee potential in a targeted way so as to prevent shortages in qualified employees.

Via Succession Management you determine the qualifications necessary for key positions in your company, search for suitable internal successors and promote suitable candidates to prepare them for the new tasks. You add suitable employees to talent pools and then promote them with special offers to optimally develop your future executives.

The career paths and positions requirements defined in Career & Development allow you to optimize your succession management. With your employees you figure out a plan paving their way to the position they desire.

Via a special successions organization chart you can view all developments along the organizational structure at all times.